Things are good??? THINGS ARE GOOD???

It’s rare for me to admit I had a good day. Normally my days that have good things are overshadowed by anxiety and my mind interjecting to tell me that things still suck, even when they’re good, but today was actually a wonderful day.

I got to hang out with the two best bros I could ever ask for AND I got to snuggle kittens and fluffy dogs. Could I BE any luckier??

I haven’t laughed this hard for weeks. I went paddle boarding and finally felt sun on my skin in a bikini that I wasn’t too ashamed to wear, we quite literally rolled on the floor laughing, and we made an iguana friend who we named Robert De Niro the Chain Smoking Iguana (yes that is his ENTIRE name).

IMG_7663(he don’t given any fucks)

Even better, my mind was silent. It finally let me enjoy the wonderful time I was having with two of my best friends. It’s easy to take advantage of situations like this, but now that I can actually view my life with a clearer head, I can truly appreciate the good times I have with people who I won’t get to see again for a long time.

Things are good.

I haven’t said that in a long time but for once, I mean that really honestly. Things are good.

Have a wonderful day filled with kittens. Okay?

Zoey K.

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