Holy fuck ya’ll.

I’m here.

It only took me 7 1/2 hours and a shit ton of anxiety over turbulence that made me believe that the plane was going to fall out of the sky. I slept for about 3 hours but when I got off that plane, I had never been more full of energy. I jumped in my cab (spent WAY too much money for that shit) and drove all the way to Kensington and went immediately back to sleep.

When I woke up, my friend Taty and I got some lunch and went straight to the Victoria and Albert Museum (because thats what Art History nerds do) and I burst into tears.


I’m crying hysterically through all of these because thats what I do in museums. Cry and gawk. Btw, thats not actually the Column of Trajan, its a CAST of it. It was a room FILLED with plaster casts

My only qualms with this place is that it is so FUCKING expensive. Its insane. I’m quite terrified that I’m going to run out of money very quickly, but hooray for budgeting right? RIGHT??

My adventure has officially begun.

Have a day filled with kittens, Okay?

Zoey K.

P.S. I got a twitter! I’ll post more random shit about my life @okayzoeyk

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