Let’s have some real talk 2016

Hey 2016 how ya doin? Doesn’t look so good…yeah. See, its only the 14th day into this year and you’ve taken away three very dear people to my childhood and heart. Lemmy from Motorhead, David Bowie, and now Alan Rickman? 2016…what the actual fuck. Not to mention I’m 4 days into my London study abroad and I’m burning with fever when I could be at Westminister Abbey listening to evensong. And somehow you’ve managed to conjure up a tropical storm…in JANUARY?? While I mourn for these heroes, I like to share a couple of stories about each of them.


My brother and I listening to motorhead a lot when we were kids. “The Ace of Spades” was one of my first introductions to metal that I actually enjoyed. When we would play multi-person solitaire, we would always sing that song whenever one of us played the ace of spades.

David Bowie:

This is actually a pretty funny story. I had known about David Bowie for a long time throughout my childhood. We were constantly playing my dad’s Best of Bowie album and dancing along to Space Oddity, Changes, and Ziggy Stardust. My father even named one of his road bikes, “The Spider from Mars” which was a nickname he used for a bit as well. However, one of my most, perhaps scarring memories, is watching him in Labyrinth.  For those of you who haven’t seen the movie and aren’t a little freaked out by puppets or super sparkly cock-pieces should totally watch it. I, however, was a little freaked out by the combination of these. It didn’t help that I watched The Dark Crystal the week before and was still a little creeped out by that.

Alan Rickman:

I have a way more personal story with Mr. Rickman. I had the pleasure of seeing him in the Broadway play, Seminar with my high school. Like any other show, we lined outside in the freezing cold to see if he would grace us with his presence, and he did. This was the conversation we had:

Me: Mr. Rickman! Mr. Rickman! May I please take a photo with you?

A.R.: No. (you have to picture this in his Snape tone) but you can take a picture of me.

And like that he beamed a big smile and moved on. (I actually cannot find my picture of him, but to prove to you that I actually met him, heres a photo taken by my friend, Ashley, when we met him) 523668_129295763868580_867888596_n.jpg

It breaks my heart to see such talented people go. They leave a legacy I shall never forget. But I guess the moral is, we should celebrate what they left in our lives instead of their deaths. Or else, what did they create their art form for? (Besides enjoying it of course)

So 2016, let’s hope you just have a really fucked up month and the rest of this year won’t be like this kay? Because I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand.

Have a day filled with kittens, okay?

Zoey K.

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