Oh hi hello you actually want to know about me? Well thats intimidating but well here we go.

My blog is pretty personal with some humor from my whacked out life mixed with some ranting mixed with some general art lovin’. It’s gonna get weird so you’re in for a nice ride.

Twenty something female just trying to get an undergrad degree without having a breakdown every 6 seconds. I’m double majoring (because life isn’t hard enough) in Art History and Vocal Performance at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, but I really just want to work in museums for the rest of my life.

I have a panic attack disorder, mild depression and imposter syndrome and synesthesia which allows me to see color with music and sometimes voices and sounds depending on how intoxicated I am/ how bad my panic attack is.

I’m from Miami but the best compliment I can get is people shocked to hear I’m from Miami.

I also really like cats but so far own no cats. I am a huge video game nerd and will play any Legend of Zelda game that is available. I also love pretty much all music.

Thanks Jenny Lawson for inspiring me to do this.