Some Happiness Just for You

This whole week I’ve been opening up Facebook and Twitter and become increasingly more upset every time I do. I cried on Monday morning when I saw the news about the Orlando victims.I frantically called, texted, and messaged my friends, LGBTQA or straight, in the Orlando area to make sure they were safe.

I feel terror in my heart as a bisexual woman and terror for the rest of the beautiful community I am part of. I see people fight on social media about gun control and Islam while I am seeing the faces of those who died. My heart sinks every time.

I didn’t make a blog post to talk about this horrible tragedy. I, frankly, don’t want to right now because I’m still mourning and I’m not in the right place to. Instead, I want to shed a little bit of happiness on social media amidst all of this sadness. How you may ask? The best way possible of course: baby animals!

First of all, one of the best websites on the internet is Paw My Gosh. It is a website FULL of animal videos. It has categories that range from funny, to heartwarming, to just cute overall. It has links to adoptions and is possibly the best heart lifting website on the internet. I go to it anytime I wake up from a nightmare or just want to feel a little bit better than before.

Next is a video my best friend sent me when I was really upset in London. It cracks me up every time I watch it AND it features puppies and dogs of all sizes.

This next video is my favorite pet video on the entire internet. Yes. I am going that far. It makes me smile, laugh, or cackle, or all three literally every time I watch it.


You want kittens? I got kittens. This is courteous of the website from before, Paw My Gosh. (THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE YOUTUBE AND ITS WONDERFUL)


And for this final video, its not an animal video, but it is my favorite video OF THE ENTIRE INTERNET. YOU THINK I’M KIDDING? GUESS AGAIN! Some of you may think less of me but I really don’t care because this video brings a smile to my face and all I want to do is bring a smile to yours


Zoey K.

Things are good??? THINGS ARE GOOD???

It’s rare for me to admit I had a good day. Normally my days that have good things are overshadowed by anxiety and my mind interjecting to tell me that things still suck, even when they’re good, but today was actually a wonderful day.

I got to hang out with the two best bros I could ever ask for AND I got to snuggle kittens and fluffy dogs. Could I BE any luckier??

I haven’t laughed this hard for weeks. I went paddle boarding and finally felt sun on my skin in a bikini that I wasn’t too ashamed to wear, we quite literally rolled on the floor laughing, and we made an iguana friend who we named Robert De Niro the Chain Smoking Iguana (yes that is his ENTIRE name).

IMG_7663(he don’t given any fucks)

Even better, my mind was silent. It finally let me enjoy the wonderful time I was having with two of my best friends. It’s easy to take advantage of situations like this, but now that I can actually view my life with a clearer head, I can truly appreciate the good times I have with people who I won’t get to see again for a long time.

Things are good.

I haven’t said that in a long time but for once, I mean that really honestly. Things are good.

Have a wonderful day filled with kittens. Okay?

Zoey K.

Hello world

Oh geez here we go alright.

Hi world!

I’m Zoey and I’m a twenty something with a blog. So creative… It’s fine.

Welcome to my blog! On my blog I’m going to be talking about my adventures, my musings, my rants, and anything else that pops into my head/what I may find funny on tumblr/ whatever I feel like. It’s going to be real stuff and somethings you may not like because I’m kind of a messed up person with some slews of disorders and what not. But I’m cool! I promise.

Have a day filled with kittens.

Okay? Zoey K.